Bariamis Traditional Sweet Delicacies

Loukoumia Mixed Flavour Box 400g


Bariamis Loukoumia Mixed Flavour Box

The Greek Delight - Loukoumi is a sweet temptation that came from Istanbul to Greece, in the early 19 th century. Since then, the traditional recipe of Turkish delights has been enriched with various ingredients and flavours These small but satisfying tasty bites are perfect to accompany coffee or tea and are ideal as a fasting dessert. They impress deliciously as a refined treat for visitors and as gifts.

The traditional handmade Loukoumia Bariamis, with their exceptional taste and quality, are the ideal treat for any occasion. They that will sweeten your life and the lives of the people you love.

Ingredients: Packaging: Sugar, Water, Glucose, Starch, Rose Petals Flavor, Pergamot Flavor, Mastiha oil, Beetroot Powder

Weight: 400g

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