Manousakis Winery

Nostos Pink Dry Rose Wine PGI Chania 750ML


Manousakis Winery- Nostos Pink Dry Wine 2022 Vintage

Protected Geographical Indication Chania

Over the millennia the Lefka Ori Mountains of Western Crete have absorbed the quiet life cycle for thousands of the island’s native flora. When you walk these mountains in the spring it takes you on a sensory adventure filled with the scents of rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender, and chamomile. In the fall, they descend back to the soil and are absorbed and thus the quiet life cycle continues. 

The winery is the realization of Ted Manousakis' dream.  It began in 1984, when the hills around the village of Vatolakkos were still untouched by civilization and the wild herbs of Crete were abundant and fragrant. The philosophy at the Manousakis Winery is simple they believe in carefully and organically cultivating their vines to absorb this scent-filled terroir. This allows the flavors of the grapes combine with the herbs for an incomparable taste. Each bottle of their Wine captures the character of this island, and the slopes of the Lefka Ori.


Characteristics of Pink

Bright pink colon. Intense nose with strawberry candy, grenadine and rose aromas. Medium bodied wine with gentle acidity and a slight sweetness in the aftertaste. To be consumed fresh!

Food Pairing: Fresh salads, grilled greens, pasta, poultry served in light sauces and seafood dishes.

Soil: Schist, sandy clay loamy, 320-380m (1050-1350ft) and 550-600m (1600-1950ft) in altitude

Varieties: Grenache Rouge 40%, Romeiko 45%, Syrah 15%

Vinification: The must derives from either direct pressing of the grapes or by the method of saigné after a brief maceration. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, each variety separately, inside a refrigerated chamber (16-17 oC, 60-63 oF)

Enjoy this wine with a grazing board full cheese, charcuterie, Greek olivesfig pie and bite-sized artisan delicacies


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14% Alcohol Content

 Vintage 2022

This item cannot be shipped to New Zealand. 

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