Organic Frappe Decaf Coffee 750g


 Melvourni Organic Frappe Coffee

Savor the excellence of ethically sourced specialty-grade, organic Arabica beans. Transformed into instant coffee- this Frappe blend is perfect for brewing at home with ease, using a drink mixer or handheld foamers. Enjoy a delicious cup crafted from quality ingredients.
Melvourni- Greek for Melbourne- Greek for Coffee
In a city shaped by the blend of nationalities, cultures, and a shared passion for coffee, we share with you Melvourni's ethically sourced, specialty-grade, organic Arabica beans.

How to make a Frappe coffee.

1. Whizz together 2-3 tsp instant coffee, sugar (to taste) and a small amount
[2-3 tsp/tbs] of cold water until a thick creamy foam is produced
(approx. [15-30] seconds).
2. Add 3-6 ice cubes and milk (if desired, approx. 2 tbsp).

1. Fill glass with cold water (approx. 250 ml).
1. Add a straw and enjoy.

Fresh milk can be substituted with evaporated milk.
Full-cream milk, decaf coffee and/or too much water in Step 1 will produce a smaller quantity of foam.
Weight: 750g also available in 150g

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