Paschalas Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Entelechia 500ML


Paschalas Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Entelechia

Entelechia olive oil comes from the excellent quality green olive of Halkidiki. It is produced exclusively by cold pressing, preserving its rich taste, aroma and colour.

It is characterised by a bitter and spicy taste with a long aftertaste, because it belongs to medium intensity olive oils. Its fragrances will remind you of fresh grass, olive and tomato leaves, artichoke and almond. In addition, its important antioxidant substances as well as the vitamins it contains (A, K, D) are preserved, while its acidity remains low.

They preserve the Entelechia olive oil in an elegant glass bottle. Its dark color protects the olive oil from light and maintains its excellent quality. Each bottle of 500ml encloses their spirit, the Aristotelian philosophy, Entelechy. It's the path from seed to plant, from olives to olive oil, that they call integration.

They are fortunate to live between the homeland of Aristotle and Mount Athos. Their land is Gomati, a picturesque settlement on the Eastern side of Halkidiki. The excellent quality of the soil interacts with the unique median microclimate. These best environmental conditions are the factors that contribute to the cultivation of the olive.

The green olive of Halkidiki belongs to the variety “Chondroelia” & “Halkidiki” of the species Olea Europea, which is unique in the world and has been cultivated for 2000 years. It is the largest fruited green olive among the Greek varieties. This variety is used for olive oil production and for eating the fruit of the olive. The adaptation of the olive trees to the soil and climatic conditions of the area are reflected in the slightly bitter taste of the olive and its gentle fruity aroma.

It's fascinating how the company logo draws inspiration from the humble comb, representing the care involved in olive oil production. The dual symbolism, resembling both a comb and a crown, effectively conveys the quality and excellence achieved throughout the entire production process. The use of gold color to mirror the olive oil's hue is a clever touch, tying it all together beautifully.

Size: 500ML 

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Grahame Piper
Entelechia 500ml EVOO

This EVOO would have to be the best quality that I have so far sampled. It has a beautiful smooth and well rounded texture and flavour with a not too bitter finish which I prefer in a drinking oil.
The bottle also uses an innovative pouring control using what sounds like a ball valve to allow flow of oil and to shut off air access when the bottle is returned to upright. I would assume this is to prevent oxidation of the remaining oil right up to the last drop.
I highly recommend this EVOO.

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that you find this EVOO to be the best quality you've sampled so far. It's fantastic to know that you appreciate its smooth texture, well-rounded flavor, and the not-too-bitter finish, especially for drinking. We're glad you find the innovative pouring control helpful in preserving the oil's freshness and preventing oxidation. Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we're honored to provide you with high-quality EVOO.

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