Petits Grecs

Sour Cherry Tou Koutaliou (Spoon Sweet) 260g

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Sour Cherry Tou Koutaliou (Spoon Sweet)

"Petits Grecs"... Little & Finest Greek Treats!

"Tou Κoutaliou" stands for "spoon sweets" in Greece. This traditional sweet preserve is among the most widespread treats. It can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, tarts or even as a spread. In Greece, we normally offer them "straight" in a small & delicate glass plate with a teaspoon next to the coffee or tea.

The traditional homemade spoon sweets & jams of Pelion are famous & the recipes that have passed on from generation to generation are countless. They consist of a wide variety of fresh fruits or vegetables taken directly from the rich land of Pelion. Here you can enjoy the flavoursome Sour Cherries!

Based in Thessaloniki, Petit Grecs was founded by a Greek woman passionate about the little sweet Greek treats, determined to come up with modern recipes that are the most tasty & nutritious of them all, while still based on the tradition. After years of travelling throughout Greece & experimenting with various alternative recipes, the "Petits Grecs" range was officially launched in 2014.

A small but dedicated team of people, enriched by famous Greek chefs & pastry chefs, has been making Greek treats ever since. Every recipe comes from a different area of Greece. The original recipe is selected out of the many that its birthplace has to offer & "Petits Grecs" team works over & over the ingredients coming up with their own twist, which they proudly present to you.

Ingredients: Cherry 55%, Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice

Weight: 260g

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Mary P

Most sour cherries just taste like sugar. This one definitely flavour, we just love it served on top of icecream.

High quality and a delightful taste! Thank you for taking the time to write your review

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