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"Koulourakia Kanela", Greek Handmade Braided Cookies with Cinnamon 160g


"Koulourakia Kanela", Greek Handmade Braided Cookies with Cinnamon

The "koulourakia" is an archetype of Greek baking, a light, flavourful & nutritious cookie treat. The braided version is a classic. It is served in many regions of Greece & it comes in various shapes & recipes. It is considered an everyday treat, always present in every Greek home to welcome the “unexpected” visitor.

The Peloponnese, the peninsula in southern Greece is the birthplace of "Petits Grecs" original koulourakia recipe. The specific area has been selected for the many different & interesting ingredients that local housewives used to add in their recipes. Village women in the Sparta region of the Peloponnese consider orange a key ingredient, surely affected by the intense fragrance arising from the blossoming citrus groves in the area. The "koulourakia portokali" recipe is based on this treasured local one.

Based in Thessaloniki, Petit Grecs was founded by a Greek woman passionate about the little sweet Greek treats, determined to come up with modern recipes that are the tastiest & nutritious of them all, while still based on the tradition. After years of travelling throughout Greece & experimenting with various alternative recipes, the "Petits Grecs" range was officially launched in 2014.

Cinnamon is Peloponnesian cuisine’s favourite spice. Local cooks often “sweeten” their savoury dishes by adding some cinnamon & raisins, giving them a hot, spicy flavour. It is inevitably also an integral part of their homemade desserts, the local braided cinnamon cookies being the most popular in Greece. It came as natural to use it in one of their koulourakia recipes.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon

Weight: 160g

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