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Sea Samphire 220g

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Sea Samphire (Kritama)

Savor the essence of the Mediterranean with every bite of our hand-picked Greek sea samphire, brimming with the invigorating freshness of the seaside. Elevate your culinary creations with this vibrant sea herb, perfect for enhancing the flavours of traditional Greek salads and seafood.  On meze plates with olives and other delicious condiments perfectly enjoyed with a glass of Ouzo.

Sea Samphire or Rock Samphire grows wild along the coasts of the entire Mediterranean, it is picked between spring and early summer when it's at its best, then pickled in a brine.

Melima create delicious and authentic recipes that transform fine and rare Greek products into a gastronomic experience. They produce old fashioned pickles, smoked vegetables and spicy appetizers according to the traditional methods of preserving goods in extra virgin olive oil, smoke, vinegar and sea salt, without preservatives.

Best to rinse before use to wash excess salt off. 

Ingredients: Sea Samphire 70%, Water, Vinegar, Salt

Net weight: 220g

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