Smari Cretan Pine Honey 460g


Smari Cretan Pine Honey

From the pine forests located in the mountains of Kalamafka, Ierapetra, they collect their pine honey.

It constitutes about 65% of the total honey production in Greece and comes from the honeydew secretions of the insect Marchalina hellenica (known as "Vamvakada", "Ergatis"), when it parasitizes in Aleppio and Trachea pine.


Pine honey is darker than thyme. What is produced in spring is lighter in colour and clearer than that produced in autumn.

Aroma – Taste:

Special aroma with rich texture. Due to the low concentration of sugars, it is not too sweet.

Nutritional Value & Beneficial Properties:

The high nutritional value of pine honey is due to the large number of different
substances that coexist in its composition. A special place is held by
trace elements, which are found in large concentrations in Greek
pine honey, characterizing it as honey of high nutritional value.

Pine honey has antiseptic action, gives stimulation to the body.

What makes Smari Cretan Honey different is the strict quality control that is done in every jar. The honey is carefully hand-picked and placed in the jars, ensuring that each jar is filled with the full taste and benefits of this natural sweetener. The company uses sustainable beekeeping practices that prioritize the health and well-being of their bees, as well as the preservation of the environment.

Apart from its excellent taste, Cretan Honey Smari is also known for its many health benefits. It contains antioxidants, enzymes and minerals that can help support immune system function, promote digestive health and even aid in wound healing. In addition, as it is a natural sweetener, it is a healthier alternative to processed sugars.

Smari is a family business founded in 2012 in the mountainous Kalamafka, Ierapetra, in the prefecture of Lasithi, Crete. The route from the hive to the jar is done with love and passion.

For Cretans, honey is an integral part of the diet & local culture. Their goal is to dynamically promote its high nutritional value as well as the quality Cretan diet.

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Weight 460g

Please note: Crystalisation is natural property of unprocessed, untreated honey.

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