Sparoza Greek Cuisine Seasoning Set of 4


Sparoza Greek Cuisine Seasoning Set

Easily whip up classics with handcrafted all-natural mixes - not a single artificial flavour, additive or filler. So convenient and stackable too.

Sparoza - Greek Farmer's Salad Mix - Sprinkle over tomatoes & cucumbers, add authentic feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil, and take yourself to a Greek summer dream!

Sparoza - Greek Granny's Tzatziki Mix - Add a teaspoon to high protein Greek yogurt for an authentically healthy tzatziki dip that everyone will love.

Sparoza - Greek Shepherd's Souvlaki & BBQ Mix - Transform your backyard BBQ into a Greek taverna with this fragrant blend for any grilled meat.

Sparoza - Greek Fisherman's Fish & Seafood Mix - These mouthwatering fragrances will bring the taste of the Mediterranean Sea to all your fish.

Each package includes cooking and serving suggestions and a simple and delicious recipe.

Importantly, there are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavours nor colorants

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