Sparoza Mulled Wine Spice Mix

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Mulled Wine Spice Mix

The aromas of the spices and the freshness of the citrus zests fuse with the vividness of the wine to create an exquisite drink.

Perfect for Christmas in July parties or for just sitting in front of the fire and enjoying the warming flavours or the Greek infused spices.

Enjoy it hot or ice cold. Each box gives you three bottles of mulled wine. Preparation is simple, and instructions can be found inside the box.

Awarded 1 STAR at the awards for quality and taste of small food products of ATHENS FINE FOODS AWARDS 2022 by EXPOTROF!

Ingredients: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Lemon Zest, Nutmeg, Orange Zest, Star Anise

Weight: 33g

Enjoy all of Sparoza's Spice Mixes and Tea varieties HERE with some of Greece's most beautiful red wines, you can choose from HERE


Best before May 2024

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