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Squid Ink & Saffron Fettuccine Nests 250g


Melima Squid Ink & Saffron Fettuccine Nests.

Greek Saffron and drops from the rare squid ink are wonderfully combined in the pasta nests and create new gastronomic trails through the landscapes of Greece.

They follow an old family recipe and  include the finest and most pure ingredients, which offer to the pasta a unique taste and color. 

Melima's pasta is hand shaped and produced in small quantities, without preservatives and preserve all the vitamins and flavour of the Greek countryside.

Try the pasta with one of our pasta sauces, even with some Black Garlic

Serves 2

Ingredients: Semolina, Whole Wheat Flour, Egg, Tomato, Squid Ink 2%, Saffron 0,5%, Salt, Pepper

Net weight: 250g

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Best Before March  2023 (If stored correctly these may be consumed up to two years past this date)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

These fettuccine nests are superb. Amazing colour and flavour, beautiful texture. I highly recommend this handmade, high-quality pasta. Topped with a lovely sauce they are so pleasing to the eye as well as to your taste buds!

We are so proud to be importing this brand. Hand made in beautiful Evia. The pasta is amazing to taste and beautiful to look at. Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

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