Tear of The Pine Retsina 750ML


Tears Of the Pine- Retsina Appellation By Tradition 2022

This retsina has revolutionised perceptions of its category, elevating traditional Greek wine to the ranks of the world's finest. It boasts an impressive aging potential, marking a significant milestone.

The white grape varieties thrived under conditions of minimal rainfall and a prolonged summer heatwave, yielding exceptionally high-quality fruit. Assyrtiko, in particular, produced outstanding wines characterised by a perfect harmony between acidity and sugar levels in the grapes.

Food Pairing:

Pairs perfectly with traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes rich in olive oil, grilled meats, picarels, anchovies, and feta cheese drizzled with olive oil and oregano.

Serving Temperature
Best served chilled at 12-14°C.

100% Assyrtiko 


Goumenissa Northen Greece

10 Years


The vinification process begins with pre-fermentation maceration. Alcoholic fermentation occurs in new oak barrels of diverse origins and types, followed by a 6-month aging period on the lees with regular stirring (bâtonnage).



About the Family 

Stelios Kechris is a pioneering figure in Greek winemaking, dedicated to revitalizing retsina against prevailing perceptions of its quality. Following his oenology studies in Dijon, France, in the early 1980s, Stelios Kechris embarked on a transformative journey. Contrary to prevailing trends, he invested in Kechribari, a family product since 1939, aiming to redefine retsina as a wine of modern style and exceptional quality.

With the significant contribution of Eleni Kechri, recently returned from her studies in Bordeaux, the Tear of the Pine was born. It's the first Assyrtiko-based retsina, vinified in oak barrels, uniquely capable of aging. 

Through meticulous craftsmanship and employing cutting-edge vinification techniques of the era, Kechribari became the first retsina to win international acclaim in the late 1990s. This marked only the beginning of his innovative path. Proud of their achievements to date, the Kechris family remains committed to advancing their legacy through continued innovation and dedication in Greek winemaking.

Kechribari and Tear of the Pine mark milestones in Greek wine history, breaking past stereotypes to establish retsina as a wine of the future.

The History of Retsina

Retsina, with a heritage dating back 3500 years, originated by chance in ancient Greece when pine resin was used to seal clay amphorae, inadvertently imparting its distinct freshness to the wine. This unique character quickly gained popularity, defining a new category of wines across the Mediterranean. References from ancient texts like Theophrastus and Pliny attest to its significance and method of production.

Centuries later, retsina remained central to Greek viticulture, particularly in Attica, before spreading to Macedonia and the Aegean islands. Its modern revival began in the 1950s with bottled production, bolstered by tourism in Athens, which introduced retsina to global audiences. Despite challenges, including misuse of resin in lesser wines tarnishing its reputation, efforts led by Stavroula Kourakou-Dragona secured its recognition as a unique Greek Traditional Appellation wine.

Although retsina briefly lost favour due to poor vinification practices, a resurgence driven by dedicated producers revived its quality and appeal. Today, retsina stands as a testament to Greece's vinicultural tradition, cherished for its historical roots and distinctive taste.

For them, wine transcends the ordinary—it's a rich tapestry woven into their culture, intertwined with the essence of life and the stories of each place it originates from. Rooted in tradition and history, its production embodies a profound connection to heritage and local identity. Crafted with passion and expertise, they shape wine with purpose and vision, creating a symphony of flavours. 

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