Bariamis Traditional Sweet Delicacies

Sweet Chios Mastic Vanilla Fondant (Submarine) 400g


Bariamis Chios Mastic Vanilla - Sweetcase 400g 

A refreshing traditional dessert, a delicious treat for young and old. Many years ago vanilla (better known as "submarine")  was the most popular summer treat. A glass of cold water and a spoonful of delicious vanilla were what childhood memories were made of. In recent times, this traditional dessert has returned for good. 

The sweet taste, the soft texture and the wonderful natural aroma of vanilla combined with a subtle mastic flavour satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

So, take a spoon and discover the unique taste of vanilla and mastic. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Glucose, Vanillin and Authentic Chios Mastic Oil

Weight: 400g

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This “sweet" story begins in 1930 in Agrinio, Greece, when Mr Themistocles Bariamis established a small business with traditional sweets/ desserts, such as vanilla (well known as "submarine" sweet), candies, pastel bars and other Greek delights.

In 1960, his son Chris took charge of the business with the same passion and the region of Western Greece discovers the taste and quality of the Bariamis company.

Nowadays, his children have undertaken to "introduce" the traditional delights abroad.
Taste the wonderful flavors of the traditional handmade delights of the Bariamis Company and you will discover all the forgotten flavors and aromas of the Greece



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Aliky Kouroupis

Remembering my times in Greece enjoying mastiha as a dessert with water! So good.

So nostalgic! So glad you loved the taste!
Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

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