Kontogiannis Family

Penteskoufi White 2022 PGI Korinthia, Certified biodynamic 750ml


Kontogiannis Family Penteskoufi White 2022 PGI Korinthia,

Certified biodynamic 750ml

The small castle of Penteskoufi in the Peloponnese was built by the Frankish Crusaders to "guard" the rock of Acrocorinth, while today it "guards" the vineyards of the Kontogianni family in the surrounding area and lends its name to two wines of the small winery. The Penteskoufi Rosé, made from the Mavroudi grape variety, which genetic studies suggest is related to the Agiorgitiko grape from the Nemea region, known for its famous rosé and red wines from the Peloponnese, is fermented directly from whole grapes. Like all wines from the Kontogianni family, this rosé wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation, is unfiltered, and unrefined when bottled. It's a wine that pairs beautifully with Greek summer cuisine.


What would Greek white wine be without the two most commonly grown grape varieties in Greece, Roditis and Savatiano? There would likely be much less wine in Greece, as both grape varieties are very high-yielding. However, when you possess old vines that grow in meager soils and/or at higher altitudes, you can produce wonderful wines. This is precisely what the Kontogiannis family accomplishes with their white wine, Penteskoufi. It's a blend of 30-year-old Roditis and Savatiano grapes, cultivated biodynamically and crafted in small quantities with gentle natural winemaking and native yeasts. Bottled in under 2,000 bottles!

In the glass, it appears slightly hazy and almost golden-yellow. It exudes pronounced tropical fruit aromas, such as candied pineapple and pomelo, accompanied by notes of anise and pear. The mouthfeel is wonderfully soft and rounded with a subtle hint of bitterness. The acidity is well-integrated, and the finish is long. It's a rich, harmonious wine that beautifully encapsulates the transition from spring to summer.

This wine pairs wonderfully with: Fish, Poultry, Mushrooms, Root vegetables.


Taste: Dry

Aromas: Anise, Pear, Citrus Fruits, Tropical Fruits

Grape Varieties: Roditis, Savatiano

Region: Peloponnese

Appellation / Origin: P.G.I. Corinth

Sustainability: Biodynamic, Certified Organic (GR-BIO-01), Demeter Certification, Natural Wine, Vegan, Unrefined


Alcohol Content: 12%

Serving Temperature: 10-12°C

The biodynamic winery of the Kontogiannis family was founded in 1999 as a response to the desire to return to nature and a more natural way of life. Michalis Kontogiannis left bustling Athens and his profession as a journalist to work the land that his father had left him. The family winery is located near Akrokorinth ("Upper Corinth"), a historically significant place close to the ancient city of Corinth. Akrokorinth is an ancient fortified site situated on a 575-meter-high plateau. For five generations, the family has been dedicated to agriculture in this area.

The estate exclusively employs native grape varieties in vineyards that are over 100 years old. 

The Kontogiannis family also produces an amazing Petimezi- Grape Syrup 

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